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Expedited Filing Service
Clear up to 3 potential names & Prepare and file your Articles of Incorporation
Registered Agent Services for one full year.
Corporate Kit None Standard
$69.00 Value
$69.00 Value
SS4 Tax ID Form
Form 2553 - an S Corp Election
Arrange to have your
documents Apostilled.
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Expedited Filing Service
Completed in 7-10 Business Days

Most states require 4-6 weeks to process business formation documents, but ALL of Incorporate A's packages include our expedited state filing service to help you form your business quickly. Although the expedited processing time varies by state, we can usually have your documents filed with a particular state within 7 to 10 business days.

Name Check and Preparation of Articles of Incorporation

Incorporate A will provide a preliminary name check to help ensure that your company name is available in the state in which you are forming. We will clear up to 3 potential names for you to select from. Once this is completed, we will prepare and file your articles of incorporation with the state government in a quick and efficient manner.

Registered Agent Services

Almost every state has enacted similar provisions in their own Business Corporation Act which requires a Registered Agent or Office for every corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership which does business in their state. The purpose of these provisions is to ensure that each company has an office where it may be found, and a person at that office on whom service can be effected for any notice or process in connection with litigation.

Corporate Kit and Corporate Seal

The corporate and LLC kit is the only physical embodiment of your corporation and is used to house all of the important documents which your corporation will generate. All kits come complete with necessary certificates, and a corporate seal which is used to emboss your company's name on official documents. Banks and other institutions may often require that all documents signed by a corporation bear the corporate seal.

  • The Standard corporate kit is a beautifully-designed kit with a "D" ring which holds your documents neat and flat.

Partially Completed SS4 (Tax ID) Service

Incorporate A will partially complete the IRS Form SS4, or Employer Identification Number for your corporation. The partially completed form will be included in your Incorporate A package where you can then call the IRS to obtain your EIN number.

Form 2553 - S Corp Election Form

Incorporate A will partially complete the IRS Form 2553 (S-Corporation Election) for your corporation. The partially completed form will be included in your Incorporate A package. All shareholders must sign the form, and all shareholders must be U.S. Citizens.

Arrange to have your documents Apostilled
For International Clients only

An Apostille is a seal authenticating a document for use in international transactions according to the Hague convention. Many countries will require that official documents created in another country bear an Apostille as evidence that they are what they purport to be.