The corporate kit is the only physical embodiment of your corporation and is used to house all of the important documents which your corporation will generate.   All kits come complete with a corporate seal which is used to emboss your company's name on official documents.  Banks and other institutions may often require that all documents signed by a corporation bear the corporate seal.

The PORTFOLIO kit is suitable for carrying into corporate presentations.   Designed as a  bring-along attache in attractive materials, the folder is zippered on three sides and has the company name engraved on a brass plate on the cover of the kit.  

$115 ea.


  The ROYAL corporate kit has a rugged, extra strength binder which will last a lifetime.  Attractively detailed in gold with a matching slipcase, the name of the corporation is gold embossed on a curved spine.
$95 ea.


  The STANDARD corporate kit is also beautifully-designed with a "D" ring which holds your documents neat and flat.
$75 ea.


20 Customized Stock Certificates (or Member Certificates for an LLC)  imprinted with corporate name, authorized issue of the corporation and other pertinent information.

· Stock transfer ledger.
· Printed minutes and bylaws (sample Member's Agreement for an LLC).
· Company seal (corporate seal).
· Special forms for Annual Meetings, Medical & Dental reimbursement plans, and various Federal forms 
· Binder imprinted with name of Corporation embossed in gold on the spine.
· Matching slip case.
·Tabs to store your Articles of Incorporation and Minutes and Bylaws (which can be drafted based on the enclosed models.)




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